Welcoming Mindfulness

May 29, 2023 WM_admin No Comments

I met Manjeet several years ago in a very different avatar. He had impressed me even then with his sincerity and soft-spoken demeanor.

I began my association with Ra Foundation a couple of years ago and was impressed with the work they had been doing with children who grow up under challenged circumstances.

A couple of months ago, I reached out to a larger audience via social media, encouraging them to enroll as mentors to the children that Ra Foundation nurtures. I got an amazing response. One of the people who chose to sign up as a mentor was Manjeet, he surprised me by going on to mentor not one, not two, but three boys! I know he is doing good work nurturing these young minds and helping them shape themselves to become better human beings. Manjeet has a lot to offer and more importantly he is a giver, a good listener, has empathy and an understanding of the human mind. Virtually everyone goes through some form of trauma and having a caring individual hold your hand through it can make a world of a difference to a person’s life. Thank you, Manjeet, for doing what you do.

Geetu Hinduja – Singer Songwriter-Geetu Unplugged

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